We’re seeing light at the end of the tunnel, spring is on it’s way Chicago!  It’s brought to my attention every year around this time that many are ready to REFRESH.  Refresh their mind, their closet, their homes, everything.  It may be because we’ve been cooped up inside for quite some time that we’re ready to embrace some newness.

Recently, I did a presentation to a group of women and a handful of them expressed that they know that they’re struggling with creating a streamlined image but they’re not sure what it is about their current image that’s off.  That led me to this topic.  As an Image & Wardrobe Consultant I’ve worked with clients from all backgrounds, lifestyles, styles, etc. but there are typically 10 reasons why what they own isn’t working for them.  In the spirit of a season change, I thought, why not share with you all?  So here it goes:

  • It isn’t “you” – Remember that clothing, your personal image, is how you show the world who you are.  I find that often times if someone is frustrated with their clothing it’s because it’s not showing the world who they are, or what they want to say.
  • They don’t flatter your personal shape – We’re all different.  I find that many will shop the store mannequins and often think “it looks great on that, so it must work for me.”  Wrong.  Mannequins are plastic, we are not.  Know your personal shape!
  • They “used to fit” – This is common, having those pieces in your wardrobe that fit once upon a time.  Stop torturing yourself!  Only have clothing in your closet that fits you and your body TODAY
  • It doesn’t fit right – I always say, make your alterations/tailor your best friend!  Clothing is made for the masses, a little alteration can completely transform the way something fits and looks.
  • The color is off – I’ve found that sometimes people will purchase a clothing item in a color they “want to try” or “really like but feel weird wearing it.”  Keep in mind that every color isn’t for every one, focus more on undertone and making sure a color flatters our personal coloring
  • It’s past it’s prime – Holding on to certain items because of an emotional attachment is normal, but when they look like they’ve run past their max it’s better to let them go and find a replacement.
  • It isn’t comfortable – If it’s not comfortable, you’re not going to wear it.  Or you’re going to wear it and LOOK uncomfortable.  Looking good doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable!
  • It has bad feelings attached to it – It may seem odd, but our clothes tend to develop their own ‘feelings.’  By this I mean, we may have worn a particular item and something happened when we wore it (good or bad).  What happens is every time we then wear that particular piece we remember what happened, and if it’s a bad memory we’ll probably be thinking negative thoughts all day as we wear it.  So, if you have a bad memory attached to something get it OUT of your closet!
  • It’s hiding you – I reference this as realty vs. perception.  Why?  Often times many people think, for example, I don’t like my midsection.  To ‘hide’ it I’ll wear loose fitting tops so no one sees it.  You know what happens when we do that?  Your midsection looks bigger than it is and we’re bringing ALL the attention to that area.  Regardless of how you feel about your body, we don’t want to hide YOU.  It’s about seeing you and where you are, wear clothing that fits closely to the body (I’m not saying skin tight, just enough so we see where your shape is).
  • You don’t LOVE it – Remember, your clothing is supposed to help you FEEL and look your best.  If you don’t really love what you’re wearing, it’s hard to feel good.  Also keep in mind, what you may have loved a year ago you may not love anymore.  We’re constantly changing as individuals and our personal image should mimic that!


Do you think that your clothing fits into any of these 10 categories?  

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