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I'm Mallory Sills.

Top personal stylist, makeup artist,

podcast host, and speaker.

I change lives and enhance confidence.


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Growing up, I struggled to develop self-esteem and break out of my shyness shell. At an early age I learned that to could use my style as a form of self-expression, a way to show the world who I really was on the inside. I've personally experienced the power of an aligned personal style and how it can help boost confidence in ways we often can’t even imagine.


My personal style journey grew my desire to help others experience an increased sense of confidence and success in their lives, both personally and professionally, through the power of style.

As a Chicago based personal stylist I believe that what we wear is more than “just clothes.” I believe it’s about creating a personal style that works for every individual’s lifestyle, career, and personality. I have a unique gift for helping people to change the way they feel about themselves, through the power of style.


I've been trained by some of the best in the business, with certifications from The Fashion Institute of Technology in Image Consulting, The School of Style taught by top LA stylists, and from Stacy London from TLC’S “What Not to Wear.” I even worked in New York City alongside the Senior Fashion Editor of Marie Claire magazine where I worked on photoshoots and TV fashion segments. I graduated at the top of my class with a Bachelor of Art in Fashion Marketing & Management from the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago. It's safe to say, I've done the work to gain as much education in all things fashion I possibly could. 

It's been my mission to bring a unique, realistic approach to style to help create massive confidence for every client.

In addition to personal styling, I'm a professionally trained makeup artist. Early on in my career I began to fall in love with helping my clients evolve their entire look - makeup included! In true Mallory fashion (pun intended), I submerged myself in the makeup industry eager to learn as much as I could. I completed Illinois state certification program in Beauty Makeup and Creative Media Makeup from London Eyes International Academy of Makeup. Taking my makeup education even further I became certified by Top Canadian makeup artist, Julia Dantas. 

Outside of the work I do, you can always catch me scooping up unbelievable style-finds for herself (and clients!)…no really though they’re pretty unbelievable. I'm always jamming to 90’s-early 00’s. Enjoying the beautiful city of Chicago. A few of my other favorite things: shoes (no surprise), makeup (again, no surprise), Mexican food, New York City, leopard print, walks with my yorkie (Chloe!), and reading a good book!


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The personal stylist behind Image Success by Mallory. I help women + men develop a wardrobe that brings them confidence, exudes who they are and eliminates the stress out of getting dressed.

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