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Hey, you! Are you ready 

to take your wardrobe to the next level?

If you’re overwhelmed by shopping, don’t know how to put outfits together from your closet, or struggle to get rid of clothes that aren’t fully serving you – I’m your girl!

I work with clients who are ready to step into their authentic style and gain confidence personally + professionally. As Chicago’s best personal stylist and image consultant I work with clients in person and virtually.


Imagine if you...

had a closet full of clothes you love wearing

didn't have to run out to find a new outfit for every occasion that came up in your life

understood how to dress your body type

had a personal style that brought you confidence 

had a wardrobe that effortlessly represented your personal brand

no longer had to stress about what to wear, where to shop or determine what flatters your body type

Let's Work Together!

Mallory is Chicago's best personal stylist, shopper and makeup artist. 

Fall Fashion

In Person

Personal Styling

Work with Mallory in person! These services are offered to clients living in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.


If you don't live  in the Chicagoland area, or don't have the time, you can work with Mallory virtually from anywhere in the world.

Scatered Makeup

Need your makeup done for a special occasion? Mallory is a professionally trained makeup artist servicing the Chicagoland area.


Personal Styling

Makeup Services

Fashion Rail

Common Questions

Q: Where do you take clients shopping?
A: It entirely depends on the client. Every shopping appointment location is chosen based on each client’s needs, goals and budget.

Q: What if my style isn’t like yours?
A: I don’t expect you to dress like me! My style philosophy is that your style should be unique to you. I’m not here to make you dress just like me, instead to help you create a style and wardrobe that is uniquely yours. I want your style to be yours!

Q: Do I have to spend a lot during the shopping appointment(s)?
A: Not at all! Some say I’m the queen of a good sale. I’m not here to pressure you into spending a certain amount on your wardrobe. I work with my client’s budgets so you feel good about your investment. Whether it’s choosing the right service or package for your needs or shopping I’m here to work with your budget.

Q: What if I’m a hard size to fit?
A: Most of my clients struggle with fit. I work with clients of all shapes and sizes. With my extensive styling experience I have the skills and tools to help you develop a wardrobe you feel great wearing.

Q: I'm afraid for you to see what my closet looks like, do I need to clean or do anything before we start working together?

A: No need! I'm not here to judge. Think of me as your style bff I come with no judgement and client's information is always kept private. 

Q: I'm not at my ideal weight, should I wait to work with you?

A: You certainly can, however I encourage you to give yourself permission to feel good no matter the number on the scale. Every client I've worked with who waited, said they wished they had worked with me sooner because when you feel good it's often helpful in other areas of your life. 

Want to see if we're the right fit?

Schedule your complimentary style consultation to get started and learn more about working with Mallory. 


2138 S Indiana Ave.

Chicago, IL 60616

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