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Color Analysis: Why I Don't Offer It

Have you been thinking about getting a color analysis done? As a personal stylist I'm ALWAYS asked if this is a service I offer. I'm not kidding when I say always, the past week alone I've had 5 different people inquire about the service.

The short answer to whether or not I offer color analysis? No. I used to offer color analysis to clients in the past. Over the past couple of years, I opted to phase it out of my service offerings - for extremely specific reasons.

First and foremost, I didn't see it as a valuable service for my clients. Sure they knew their 'colors' but developing an authentic personal style requires SO much more than that.

I went into more detail about why I no longer offer color analysis on this podcast episode. If it's something you've been considering doing, I encourage you to have a listen before doing so just for a little insight into the service.

Most business coaches would (and have) told me I'm leaving thousands of dollars on the table by not offering it, because it's something I'm asked to offer so often. While I understand, it's just not in my DNA to provide a service I don't 100% believe in.

Of course, I fully respect other opinions. I've worked as a personal stylist for nearly a decade now and I've worked with hundreds of clients over the years, this episode is based off of the work I've done and how I've seen client's benefit from certain services.

Happy listening!

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