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How to Know When It's Time to Update Your Wardrobe

Well, here we are - a year and a half later. We've lived through a lot this past year. Now that the world seems to be opening up again, you may be getting dressed (for real) for the first time in quite some time. If you've already gone through this you may have gone over to your closet and realized...your wardrobe looks, feels and fits completely different than it did a year ago.

Knowing when it's time to update your wardrobe can be a bit confusing. Is it something you should spend time, energy and resources on or can you make your current wardrobe work for you?

I'm getting into some of the most common themes I see in people when it's time to update your wardrobe. If you're not sure whether or not its time - this is something to listen to!

Happy listening!

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